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Good sleep is necessary to promote good health, improve your dogs and cats health and well being. Show real love to your pets. 

棉花糖宠物床– HavensHub

  • Ultimately soft, fluffy and light weight, calming doughnut style pet bed.
  • Provides comfort, supports better sleep thanks to its round shape and high quality materials.
  • Raised walls provide excellent head support and sense of security for your dog. It's plush, comfortable and soft, feels nice and smooth to touch.

The Pet Bed helps create a sense of security while easing your furry friend’s anxiety and stress so they can enjoy a calmer, more rested deep sleep.

Spoil your pet with our self warming, plush padding, and designed with a unique raised rim that is finished with a luxurious ultra soft faux fur cushion. Paired with deep slots that allow your pet to retreat, your fury pets will have peaceful sleeps for improved better health and behaviour. Your pet always deserves the best!

Who doesn't love to have a goodnight sleep while being comfortable? Well everyone needs a goodnight sleep and be comfortable to thrive and live a happy life including our pets! Give your beloved friend a gift of comfort with our calming pet bed. This is the greatest comfortable beds of all time for all your pets to snooze away!

Let's not think twice to  Alleviate their anxiety and provide them with the best we can to make them happy!

Calming Pet Bed Benefits

  • Extra comfort for your dogs or cats
  • Easy to clean. Machine washable - Gentle cycle, tumble dry, low heat
  • Eases their stress, anxiety and calms your pet
  • It creates a sense of security of the rounded design and softness
  • It allows your pet to experience full proper sleeps
  • Non-slip and water resistant bottom: Made from non-slip rubber latex
  • Orthopaedic Design And Joint Support: Raised rims that supports your dogs and cats neck and spine for the duration of their sleep, bundled with premium soft cotton to reduce muscle and joint pain
  • Made With Safe Pet Materials: Anti-bacterial faux fur and durable nylon combine to create a comfortable and hygienic place for your dog to sleep in.