Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hologram LED Fan?

A 3D Hologram LED Fan display is a fan with strips of RGB LEDs that creates a 3D effect image and video by rotating its blades.

How does a Holographic LED Fan work?

Holographic LED Fans are displays with strips of RGB LEDs that produce an image that looks like floating in the air producing the full picture.

Can we make holograms?

Yes, it is possible to homemade holograms. You would need some powerful projectors and knowledge about video creation. Some techniques require the use of moving mirrors, lenses and screens.

What is hologram in simple words?

In simple words, a hologram is an optical illusion that gives you the sense of seeing things floating in the air.

What is a hologram?

In few words, hologram technology is an optical illusion. But going deeper, At the point when a laser shaft is separated to make a visualization, the light waves in the two pieces of the pillar are going in indistinguishable manners. In this way, as you move your head around, the holographic picture seems to change similarly as the picture of a genuine article changes. Also, that is the reason 3D images seem, by all accounts, to be three-dimensional. 

Is there Hologram for Universities?

Holograms can be part of the normal used of Universities or Colleges to bring teachers to the stage with pre-recorded speeches or experts, mentors or VIP from all around the world to the auditorium or event room, giving audience to see them live without the need to be there physically.

Can the Holographic LED Fan be connected remotely?

Holographic LED Fan can be connected remotely through a specific software, not every display work in the same way so it is important to know which functionality is required to use the model that fits on the requirements.

Do the Holographic LED Fan Display have HDMI input?

The Holographic LED Fan Display have not HDMI input at the moment, it is in development face, normally the files are locally stored in the internal memory.

Where the video is located on the Holographic LED Fan Display?

The Holographic LED Fan Display storage the video file locally in the internal memory. Each manufacturer has a specific software to generate a different .bin depending on the LED density of each model.

Do the Holographic LED fan have audio?

The Holographic LED Fan can play audio though an Android based APP, that means that the Android device need to be always connected when the display is working otherwise the display itself is not capable to do it.

Can the Holographic LED fan be synchronised?

Yes, the Holographic LED Fan can be synchronised to create a bigger image, from two to dozens of display, there are different ways to do it and but normally the .bin file is stored locally and the synchronisation function is controlled by an external device off by Android based APP.

How the video content should look?

Video content to be used in every Holographic Device should be with black background and avoiding to look flat, if the object is in constantly moving and spinning and looks volumetric it trick the eye to create a perfect illusion.

Does hologram technology exist?

A truly video content displaying floating in the air is not possible at the moment.

How to make holograms?

A true hologram it that not exist as a such capability to display a video image from one place to another, but a holographic effect can be done in a different ways depending on the size, space available and lighter on the environment. In Virtual On we use basically two techniques which are direct transmission and reflection.

Is the display Plug and Play?

Yes, the display is Plug and Play that means it does require any setup more than add the video file or an interactive software by inserting the USB memory.

Do you have lifetime technical support?

With Virtual On, we will be here with you from the day one to give you all the support you may need. The Lifetime Support Policy provides access to technical team that will help you in any question of our products.

Does the led fan air display come with protection?

No, you should be careful as it can cause damage in the person or object and also can break the display. We recommend to place it in a high place.

What type of video file does the led fan air display play?

The hologram device only reads bin file, other format can not be read directly.

Also please noted that bin file can not be opened and need to be created with a specific but free software that runs in Windows and Mac.

To create the video first follow this basic instructions:

  1. Pure black background
  2. MP4, AVI, Rmvb, Gif format video
  3. 445×445 pixels
  4. 10-15 seconds video time suggested
  5. JPG, PNG picture Ok too (Black background better)

How can I change the content?

Changing content is very easy. Simply place the SD card with the new video content and the unit will start playing it.

Can I make the video content?

Yes. It can either be done by us or do it on your own, it depends on how specialised your video team is. Each display requires a different type of video so, knowing how to do it is key to enhance the experience. We strongly advice to let us to create the video content as per our experience even if it is a very good video developer company, more often they don’t know how to do it properly and its cause a poor customer experience or double cost as the video need to be done twice.

Can I play more than one video on an SD card?

Yes. The media player on the display will play all the supported files on the SD card in order. Once all videos have been played it will start again.