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Decoration Lighting Painting LED Glowing Photo Frame


Color: Dog

  • Dog
  • Autumn
  • Sunny
  • Outside the window
  • Empty room
  • Mountain
  • Sea
  • Window

Three kinds of light, three atmospheres and experiences.

Transform Your Space with Light and Shadow - Our artist prints images on frosted tempered glass and layers them with LED lights and gratings to create a stunning visual effect. The result is a beautiful and unique piece of art that will enhance any room.

Create a Dreamy Atmosphere with Our Light Art Decoration - Multiple layers of colors blend together to form a unique and artistic display that will impress your guests.

Three Adjustable Color Settings - Choose from white, neutral, or warm light to suit your mood and lighting needs. Control the color and brightness to create the perfect ambiance.

Expertly Crafted for Optimal Lighting - Our light art decoration is carefully designed to ensure the perfect placement, color, and intensity of light. Experience the beauty of light in a whole new way.

Warm and Inviting - Our artist uses innovative lighting and design techniques to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. You'll love the way our light art decoration makes your home feel.