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🎉2024 New Year Promotion 30% Off - Handmade Baking Material Storage Set


The best airtight containers for food storage that are guaranteed to keep ingredients fresh for days to come

These products include airtight containers, meal prep options, pantry organization storage canisters, refrigerator produce containers, and more!

Clear kitchen container set includes storage containers for flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, coffee and a mini storage box. Each container has its own dedicated integration tools.

Keep Your Food Fresh and Organized
Are you tired of constantly throwing away food due to poor storage? The Clear Kitchen Container Set is the solution to your problem!

With high-quality construction and a silicone seal, these containers keep your food fresh for extended periods. The set consists of containers designed to fit specific ingredients.
This set with easy-catch latching lids can be neatly stacked to keep your kitchen organized and your food fresher for longer.

Product specifications:
Capacity 350ml: 10*8*9.5cm
Capacity 1300ml: 14.5*10.5*14.5cm
Capacity 2700ml: 17.5*13.3*18.5cm
Capacity 4600ml: 20.3*16.5*21.5cm


Accessories of different sizes are as shown in the picture. Not all sizes have accessories when purchased separately.