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🐶😽2023 Pet Funny 30% OFF - Pet Supplies Cat & Dog Daily Kit


🐶Full Body SPA Set for Cats & Dogs😽

SUPER-BRIGHT LED LIGHTS- Illuminates light colored nails’ delicate bloodline, so you can trim in the right spot! Lights have been relocated to increase visibility of your pets quick in their nails. For dark nails, be sure to look at the dark nail head-on, once you see a small dark circle, this is as far as you should go.
MAGNIFICATION & NAIL TRAPPER - 5X the magnification & doubles as a nail trapper. Nail trapper helps catch nail clippings for easy cleanup!
PRECISION CUTTING BLADE – Made of hardened steel, the blade cuts nails QUICKLY & ELIMINATES the struggle! Super comfortable grip on the unit makes it easy to hold.
GREAT FOR CATS & DOGS! Invented by pet lovers with the help of veterinarians!

🐶😽▶ Safe & Effective Dog Nail Grinder◀ Ensures fast, safe, and effective manicure of pet nails, providing comfortable pet claw grinding. You can accurately and painlessly trim your pet's nails anywhere.
🐶😽▶ 3 Grinding Ports &2 Speeds◀ Design with 3 ports, available for small, medium, or large pets. Simply select the appropriate port and speed based on the size and nail hardness of the pet (it may be necessary to use a dog to cut the nail first).
🐶😽▶ Ultra Low Noise & Vibration◀ Adopt precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, during dog nail grinder operation, the noise is less than 50db. your dog will not afraid, you can easily and quickly grinding their paws.
🐶😽▶ Rechargeable & Portable◀ The Cordless Dog Grinder is rechargeable, includes a USB cable that allows you to easily connect to a laptop, AC adapter, or charging bank for charging.

CLEAN TEETH AND GUMS - Dog Teeth Cleaning Finger Cots can effectively remove plaque and tartar. Universal for dogs and cats.
REACHES BACK TEETH FOR DEEP CLEANING - These dog teeth wipes will make cleaning your dog's teeth easier than gauze or finger brushes. It's thinner so it glides easily between your dog's cheeks and teeth, allowing you to reach and feel each tooth without slipping off your fingers.
Odorless and safe - no need to worry about pets hating to use it because of the strange smell. (Tighten the cap tightly after use.)